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The Best Ways To Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

When it comes to arranging your living room furniture, one size definitely does not fit all. Placing your furniture in a way that is functional and aesthetically pleasing means that you have to think about the size of the room, the focal point, the traffic flow and other considerations.

To get a good idea of how your furniture will fit in your living room, use an online furniture arrangement tool or just grab some old-fashioned graph paper to get the job done. Measure your space, and make sure that the living room furniture you select is not so large that it will overpower the room.

Find your Focal Point

The focal point of your living room immediately draws the eye and sets the tone for other elements in the room. When you identify your focal point, you can arrange your living room furniture around it.

Your focal point might be a large window with an amazing view, a spectacular electric or wood-burning fireplace, a large entertainment unit or a dramatic chandelier. Of course, you can always make an interesting cabinet with a TV on top the centre of attention.

Consider the Shape

Not all living rooms are perfectly rectangular. And even if they are, they may lack wall space because of multiple windows and doorways. In that case, instead of using a symmetrical layout, choose a floating layout with the sofas and chairs a few feet from the wall.

A long and narrow living room with two long walls can accommodate a TV cabinet on one wall, and a sofa on the other. If your layout has an irregular shape, create seating areas within the room.

Establish Cozy Conversation Groupings

Make your living room inviting by creating intimate furniture areas so people feel relaxed. When you place your chairs and sofas facing one another, you encourage people to talk comfortably in the room.

The size and shape of your living room will determine the number of conversation groupings. You can use area rugs to define to your living room seating areas.

Enhance your Living Room with your Own Personal Style

When you are sure that you have enough space around your living room furniture so people can pass by easily and you are satisfied that the room has a balance of shapes, textures and sizes, it’s time to enhance your living room by incorporating your personal taste.

You might include a signature colour against a background of neutral tones or introduce a high-style bohemian or mid-century modern piece. Other items like statement lighting and decorative cabinets can also express your personality and make your living room your own.

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